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At Takeout Massage we strive to provide customers with the very best quality by enlisting experienced and friendly personal care professionals who love their work.

Takeout Massage is a leader in providing professional therapeutic massage and spa services ‘To Go’. That’s right! We come to you! Using only high quality portable massage chairs and beds to provide the very best comfort for your massage experience.
We welcome your call and look forward to serving you.

作为专业按摩及SPA 上门服务的领航者,我们使用高品质、便携式按摩椅及按摩床,我们很高兴为您提供服务!让您感受按摩新体验.

We‘re convenient, private and professional.
Decreases stress and increases productivity.
Provide a special service to valued customers.
Massage and spa services at your home or office.S



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