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    Video massage. All massages in video. Vidéos of massage, video massage Zen, video sensual massage, video Swedish massage, video massage thaillandais, video massage foot, video massage head, video massage neck, video massage back, video massage (...)

  • Video self massage

    The self massage is a simple, healthy and free solution to keep the form and to look after oneself the small pains of the life of the every day; the self massage is a simple, healthy and free solution to keep the form and to look after oneself (...)

  • Video massage on chair amma

    Ancestor of the shiatsu We tend to think that the most widespread massage on chair is possible by the massage shiatsu, but it should be known that the real technique is even older, and is practised specifically on a chair. This ancestral (...)

  • video massage palmar hand reflexology

    video massage palmar hand refloxology How to give a massage of the hand To employ a vegetable oil of good quality such as the grape seed or the sweet almond To start by pouring approximately half of a spoon with oil coffee on the palm of your (...)

  • Acupuncture video

    Acupuncture is a preventive medicine and curative addressing itself to all. It is dissociated by its humanistic and global solution. It is also distinguished in its way of treating people.

  • baby massage video

    massage baby - massage nourisson- to mass new born How to mass a baby? This video shows you a massage on a baby.

  • massage video head face nape neck shoulders cranium

    massage of the head - video massage of the face of the nape of the neck, the shoulders massage head, nape of the neck, neck, face, shoulders Massage of face and cranium:

  • Thai massage and ayurvedic massage videos

    Massage ayurvedic in Thailand like นวดแผนโบราณ (Nuat phaen the boran, IPA boraːn of pʰɛn of nuɑt], which translates correctly only as the ancient massage or a traditional massage, this form of massage is also known as a Thai ancient massage, the traditional (...)

  • Swedish massage video

    The term “massage Swedish” refers to a variety of techniques specifically conceived to slacken muscles in their applying pressures against the deeper muscles and bones, and friction in the same direction as the flow of blood turning over in the (...)

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