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massage release

I practise the releasing massage, massage of relieving. I know the techniques of massage in order to alleviate the body and the spirit.

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    Swedish massage video 1/6Swedish massage video 2/6 The Swedish massage was developed at the 16th century by a Swedish doctor called by Henrik Ling. Drank Swedish massage: The principal goal of the Swedish massage is to increase the flow of (...)

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    These techniques of massage of foot were brought to the Western world in the Twenties by Dr. William Fitzgerald and a man called Eunice Ingram. Fitzgerald and Ingram believed, for example, which if you place your feet together you could see all (...)

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    video massage palmar hand refloxology How to give a massage of the hand To employ a vegetable oil of good quality such as the grape seed or the sweet almond To start by pouring approximately half of a spoon with oil coffee on the palm of your (...)