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Techniques of the massage foot were developed the first time in China and ancient Egypt. They were developed based on a theory called the reflexology which declared that that the application of the pressure to various parts of the foot could have a significant impact on the remainder of the body.

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These techniques of massage of foot were brought to the Western world in the Twenties by Dr. William Fitzgerald and a man called Eunice Ingram. Fitzgerald and Ingram believed, for example, which if you place your feet together you could see all the sectors which ordered various aspects of your systems of body.

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What was left side of the body appeared on the left foot and what was good side of the body was on the right foot. Consequently, the heart was on the left foot, whereas the liver and the stomach were on the right foot. The large toes ordered the head.

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Certain techniques of massage of food developed around the theory of reflexology. Initially, an expert should mass the foot by pushing the inch to the top of and inside, like a track-laying tractor. To mass the foot by using the meticulous movements without much pressure. Moreover, to mass the foot while starting on the right foot, moving then with the left foot, going then through, downwards, and around. Sometimes, by giving a massage of foot, you can feel a small crystal in a surface of the foot which means that there is a preparing of toxins in the place corresponding on the body. It is not rare to find crystals around the large toes which indicate the tension in the head. In this case, foot of massage by holding a hand behind the toes. Then, you push on your own hand. By breaking the crystal with a massage or a simple circle, or continuously just making inch-walk, you can freely make the normal flow of the energy of the body.

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To continue to mass the foot by using the technique of inch-walk. Inch-walk is one of the techniques of massage of foot which requires the practice. Once you have it however, it is easy. If you are not satisfied using your inch, to mass the foot using the index. You know when you make the line of massage of foot/leg when you feel as if you do not work against the foot, but with him. It is not rare for the person whom you practise above to really smell the pain. By giving a massage of foot, you do not apply much pressure, but your motionless recipient will complain about the pain to the foot.

At this time, it is better relacher a little pressure. To mass the feet by using circular motions around the sector where the pain was felt and then to go again to inch-walk. To remember, of the suitable techniques of massage of the feet do not claim you to break to the top each crystal the first time that you find it. You would then release all toxins in the jet of blood at the same time. It is better to return and continue the massage of foot/leg later. The contemporary matter practices of massage of foot/leg also influenced the modern expert in terms way of giving a plantar massage.

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Initially, by giving a massage of foot, a contemporary expert must remember to discover a foot at the same time and to maintain the other foot hot. He is the best to employ a considerable quantity just pressure of the beginning of the massage of leg of foot even when you oil upwards. video massage foot Foot Massage -

Click young stag for more amazing videos It is because certain to being a ticklish little tends. By giving a massage of foot, all your movements must be exaggerated and firm. To start to mass the foot while using a long time, of the races to run. Those are known like movements of shaving. To then spread your inches through the foot stretching the skin. To mass the foot by spreading the inch backwards and dispatches it through the bottom of the foot. To make sure that you employ a firm pressure on this movement. To operate each toe in their turn and to trace then in bottom of each way on the top of the feeling of foot for its normal way as you go. To still draw aside the top of the toes to the assistance of the inch and to finish with a final shaving above the foot. To finish the massage of foot/leg while tracing gently around ankle.

There is much that these techniques of massage of foot which can be employed for the whole body. When you learn how to give a plantar massage, you can help a patient to relieve the effort, to slacken and unroll, slacken muscular, increase circulation and the assistance in the lymphatic drainage. The plantar massage is a little like the service on a car; it grants the body and rebalances the system.