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Massage shiatsu- massage qigong - do-in massage shiatsu - do-in, automassage (pressure of the finger).


The shiatsu is a form of therapy relatively modern and Zen which becomes very popular in occident from its effectiveness.

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What is the shiatsu ?

The shiatsu is a form of therapy relatively modern and Zen which becomes very popular in occident from its effectiveness. The shiatsu supports the circulation of energy through the meridian lines of the body by pressure of the fingers, stretchings, exercises physical. The shiatsu rebalances the body and the spirit; its technique is complex and subtle. The massage shiatsu originates in the therapeutic tradition Eastern 5000 year old hurdy-gurdy. The shiatsu means pressure of the fingers. shi: pressure, atsu: fingers. Shiatsu Namikoshi Tokujiro Namikoshi creates the shiatsu, his/her Toru son learned chiropractic in the United States. So that, in the shiatsu, a relation between the spinal column and the internal organs is established consequently.

Video A Shiatsu session by Wataru Ohashi


This type of shiatsu is accessible with a relative ease because it easily does without references to China and its medicine, and concentrates on the technique of the care. It is the shiatsu origins, before a a whole technique of touching.

Shiatsu Masunaga The European spirit being rather foreign with the cultural approaches to the Southeast Asia, it is more difficult and relatively length to learn the shiatsu Masunaga. Masunaga, philosophical, after having studied at the Namikoshi school, brought back to the practice shiatsu the theory of Chinese medicine, thus making shiatsu a medicine which includes the theory of the yin and the yang and that of the Five Elements, complex concepts which presuppose of the broad cultural assets upstream of the specific trainings of the shiatsu.

Video shiatsu Massage Demonstration


This shiatsu uses the system of meridian lines of Chinese traditional medicine in acupuncture, it is the Japanese version of the Year Mo, the Chinese massage. After several years of received teaching, time to learn Chinese traditional medicine, and of practice, time to familiarize itself with the pathological tables, it is an excellent before-medicine. The work of the expert consists of an “energy†rebalancing along meridian lines referred to the bodies and the internal organs in which circulates vital energy (ki).

The shiatsu myo-energetics Shiatsu of doctors and acupuncturists, the shiatsu myo-energetics turns over to the source with:

* Chinese origins of medicine, particularly by borrowing from the Chinese medical corpus the tendino-muscular meridian lines,

* The sôtaï of Dr. Hashimoto, who includes a work on postural balance,

* Reciprocal influences between dysfunction of body and vegetative-nervous system.

The major innovation is created in the correspondence established between energy medicine and medicine mechanist. Thus myo-energetics estimates it that the cause first imbalance of the health of the individual exceeds organic or visceral imbalance, and lies in postural imbalance. The work of the expert consists of a safeguarding and a reinforcement of postural balances, leaving with the receiver the care to gradually take conscience of its own imbalances as balances already there are preserved and/or consolidated and, this, by a shiatsu on the tendino-muscular meridian lines.

Flying HeartMind Shiatsu


To slacken, défatiguer or to cure various affections (digestive, rhumatologic, nervous, etc), to rebalance the individual as a whole. Principles: to open the body with freedom of movement of internal energy (Ki of the Japanese, Chi of the Chinese, Prana of the yogis, Pneuma of the old Greeks). While slackening, stretching, softener the body, especially by pressing the tsubos or points located on the meridian lines of acupuncture and correspondent at functions and bodies. By pressures exerted in a given order, with a variable intensity, in rate/rhythm with the breathing of the “receiver†and according to his reactions, one resolves this energy and, according to the mode of action, one invigorates or one disperses.