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The term "massage Swedish" refers to a variety of techniques specifically conceived to slacken muscles in their applying pressures against the deeper muscles and bones, and friction in the same direction as the flow of blood turning over in the middle.

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The Swedish massage was developed at the 16th century by a Swedish doctor called by Henrik Ling. Drank Swedish massage: The principal goal of the Swedish massage is to increase the flow of oxygen in blood and to release from toxins of the muscles.

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The Swedish massage shortens the time of re-establishment of the muscular constraint by rinsing fabrics of the lactic acid, the uric acid, and other metabolic losses. It increases circulation without increasing load of heart. It stretches the ligaments and the tendons now flexible and flexible ones.

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The Swedish massage also stimulates the skin and the nervous system and alleviates the nerves. It reduces the effort, emotional person and physics, and is suggested in a regular program for the control of the stress. It also has many specific medical uses.

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Techniques of Swedish massage

The techniques of Swedish massage include: long races, malaxation, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, shaving, and jolts of the movements. Usually the order of the techniques are:

* 1. Shaving: Races of slip with the palms, the inches and/or the ends of the fingers
* 2. Kneading: Movements of malaxation with the hands, the inches and/or the fingers
* 3. Friction: Circular pressures with the palms of the hands, the inches and/or the fingers
* 4. Vibration: Oscillating movements which shake or make vibrate the body
* 5. Percussion: to tap highly
* 6. Passive movements and credits: torsion and stretching

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